Onsite development model

SaphireSolutions, Inc. can provide consultants with specific skills on a contract basis, for the specified period of time. These consultants would be provided on a Time and Material basis under the management of the client. As the technology environments rapidly evolve, SaphireSolutions, Inc. stays in the forefront by offering its clients the computer professionals and services they need.

Proximity to the client
Dedicated expertise

Can scale up and down resources based on needs Access to a large pool of expertise Fixed Time /Fixed Price.

A low risk option.

Choose when the scope and specifications of the project is reasonably clear. Projects delivered on time, on budget, on target. Customers can have a combination of this with offshore development center execution model. Time and Material.

Project team ascertained based on the project requirement.

Other resources like staff, equipment and infrastructure are planned based on the project requirement. Customers to pay the monthly charges based on the size and composition of the team. Most of the onsite services are delivered using this business model.

Risk / Reward sharing

This model is used during software product/subsystem development. SaphireSolutions, Inc.can share the risks involved in developing and marketing a product along with a Client.

Professional Services: Our approach is simple

We concentrate on your consulting and staffing requirements so you can focus on your core business! Our number one priority for our clients is to help you create a winning and successful team. We save you time and resources by sourcing, selecting, attracting and recruiting fully qualified consultants and full-time candidates for your positions. SaphireSolutions,Inc. has built an extensive referral and recruitment network and database that allows us to generate exceptional candidates for your requirements.
We respect your time as well as the confidentiality of your project requirements and job search. We committed to our clients' and candidates' success. We have a fully dedicated Information Technology Search and Recruiting Team, specializing in consulting services and full-time placement of experienced Information Technology professionals.We represent some of the most prominent companies in Corporate America.

Our selection process includes:
Candidates Screening and Testing.
Coordination of Candidate Interview.
Reference Checks.
Background checks.
Facilitation with information and negotiation of job offers.
We have instituted "Best Practices" and we are recognized for our results, quality of service and our integrity.
We maintain a large database of professionals and can provide our clients with a wide range of Information Technology resources, which consists of: ERP: SAP, People soft, Oracle financials, JD Edwards. EJB Architects and Integration Specialists. WebSphere/WebLogic Developers. Datawarhousing Experts (Architects, Designers and Developers). Database Administrators and Developers [Oracle, DB2, UDB, Sybase, Informix, Sqlserver]. WAP Protocol (Architects, Designers and Developers). JAVA (Architects, Designers and Developers). . NET (Architects, Designers and Developers). Middleware Experts [MQ Series, Corba]. UNIX AND NETWORK Administrators [SUN, HP, AIX, Linux, WINDOWS NT]. Actuarial experts for insurance industries. Clinical Trials and validation experts. SAS and Oracle clinical programmers. Mainframe experts [CICS, COBOL, DB2]

Services : : Off Shore

 Today, interest in offshore services runs high. Large multi-national companies deliver solutions using offshore centers to cut their costs by more than 50% and at the same time reduce their delivery cycle and increase the quality of their products. However, many enterprises, especially the small to medium sized ones, are being left behind without the benefits that arise from leveraging upon offshore solutions delivery. Large companies have made significant investments in offshore infrastructures themselves, or have invested heavily in direct long term relationships with the large offshore service providers. In addition, these large companies have dedicated resources locally to manage the offshore relationships and thereby extract the best value from their offshore engagements. These large companies, which are the early adopters of offshore solutions, tie up most of the bandwidth, and the management attention of the large offshore service providers, with high-dollar commitments. Small to medium sized companies will not find it economically feasible either to set up their own offshore infrastructures or to invest heavily in a relationship directly with large offshore service providers. SaphireSolutions focuses on helping these small and medium sized companies maximize the benefit they can get from offshore solutions delivery, while at the same time minimizing the risks and investments associated with it. SaphireSolutions Outsourcing, Applications Development , Product Development, Quality Engineering, Data entry services , lend themselves well for a blended model with significant Offshore components, there by quickly delivering value in terms of cost reduction, quicker delivery, and improved quality. We make it very easy for you to benefit from offshore solutions delivery through our Customer Friendly Engagement process.

Outsourcing Advantages:

Rapid improvement of core business focus by outsourcing your IT needs, Rapid Deployment,Cutting down operating costs by outsourcing IT needs,Significant Cost Advantage & reduction,Leverage Strong Project Management Expertise, Leverage Highest Quality Standards,Improving your process and better utilization of capital.


SaphireSolutions offshore location is located in Hyderabad, India and has the best hardware, software and networking environment required for executing offshore projects. The facility is wired across through high-speed links, with the capabilities of automatic call distribution and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to manage client calls through the call management system. The facility houses specialized IT resources of over 100 in various technologies.